What is northern?

  • (adj): Situated in or oriented toward the north.
    Example: "The northern suburbs"
    Synonyms: northerly
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Narwhal - Distribution
... Individuals are commonly recorded in the northern part of Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, Baffin Bay off the east coast of Greenland and in a strip running east from the northern end of Greenland round ... Most of the world's narwhals are concentrated in the fjords and inlets of Northern Canada and western Greenland ...
National Examples of Gerrymandering - Northern Ireland
... to have been introduced after the establishment of Home Rule in Northern Ireland in 1921, favouring Unionists who tended to be Protestant, to the detriment of Nationalists who were mostly ... In 1929, the Parliament of Northern Ireland passed a bill shifting the Parliament's electoral system from the relatively proportional single transferable vote (STV) to the less proportional first past the ... have argued that the electoral boundaries for the Parliament of Northern Ireland were not gerrymandered to a greater level than that produced by any single-winner ...
Yulara, Northern Territory
... is an isolated town in the Southern Region of the Northern Territory, Australia ... It is located in the Northern Territory electorate of Namatjira and the federal electorate of Lingiari ...
Northern - Other
... The Northern pike, fish often called a "northern" Northern (automobile), an early American automobile Northern (genre) A genre of Western films set in Canada or Alaska Northern locomotive, a type of (4-8-4) steam ...
Northern Pike
... The northern pike (Esox lucius, known simply as a pike in Britain, Ireland, most parts of the USA, or as jackfish in Canada or simply "Northern" in the Upper Midwest of the USA), is a species of ... They are typical of brackish and freshwaters of the northern hemisphere (i.e ...

More definitions of "northern":

  • (noun): A dialect of Middle English that developed into Scottish Lallans.
  • (adj): In or characteristic of a region of the United States north of (approximately) the Mason-Dixon line.
    Example: "Northern liberals"; "northern industry"; "northern cities"
  • (adj): Situated in or coming from regions of the north.
    Example: "The northern hemisphere"; "northern autumn colors"
  • (adj): Coming from the north; used especially of wind.
    Example: "A northern snowstorm"
    Synonyms: northerly

Famous quotes containing the word northern:

    In civilization, as in a southern latitude, man degenerates at length, and yields to the incursion of more northern tribes.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    ... in Northern Ireland, if you don’t have basic Christianity, rather than merely religion, all you get out of the experience of living is bitterness.
    Bernadette Devlin (b. 1947)

    Sophocles long ago
    Heard it on the Aegaean, and it brought
    Into his mind the turbid ebb and flow
    Of human misery; we
    Find also in the sound a thought,
    Hearing it by this distant northern sea.
    Matthew Arnold (1822–1888)