Vocal Cords

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Mouth Trumpet
... Mouth trumpet is a vocal technique that imitates the sound of the trumpet ... The mouth trumpet sound is produced by using the vocal cords to produce the desired pitch and passing the sound through the lips that are held together with just enough ... to make them squeak (like with the real trumpet) to produce a tone without vocal cords ...
Screaming (music) - Health Concerns
... have had problems with their throats, voices, vocal cords, and have even experienced major migraines from screaming from being done incorrectly ... undergo surgery due to screaming in harmful ways that damage the vocal cords ... First to Last, who had to leave the band as vocalist due to the damage it was causing to his vocal cords, which required surgery to repair ...
Tracheo-oesophageal Puncture
... purpose of the puncture is to restore a person’s ability to speak after the vocal cords have been removed ... that serves to replace the sound the vocal cords previously produced ... Other methods of alaryngeal speech (i e speech without vocal cords) are esophageal speech, and artificial larynx speech ...
ICD-10 Chapter X: Diseases Of The Respiratory System - J00–J99 – Diseases of The Respiratory System - (J30–J39) Other Diseases of Upper Respiratory Tract
... laryngitis (J37.1) Chronic laryngotracheitis (J38) Diseases of vocal cords and larynx, not elsewhere classified (J38.0) Paralysis of vocal cords and larynx (J38.1 ...
Stop Consonant - Classification - Aspiration
... In aspirated stops, the vocal cords (vocal folds) are abducted at the time of release ... In a prevocalic aspirated stop (a stop followed by a vowel or sonorant), the time when the vocal cords begin to vibrate will be delayed until the vocal folds come together enough for voicing to ... In tenuis stops, the vocal cords come together for voicing immediately following the release, and there is little or no aspiration (a voice onset time close to zero) ...

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    My Christian friends, in bonds of love, whose hearts in sweetest union join,
    Your friendship’s like a drawing band, yet we must take the parting hand.
    Your company’s sweet, your union dear; Your words delightful to my ear,
    Yet when I see that we must part, You draw like cords around my heart.
    John Blain (18th century)

    If I feel strongly, I say it. I know I can do more good by being vocal than by staying quiet. I’d have a whole lot more money if I lied, but I wouldn’t enjoy spending it.
    Martina Navratilova (b. 1956)