Voice Onset

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Stop Consonant - Classification - Aspiration
... The duration between the release of the stop and the voice onset is called the voice onset time (VOT) or the aspiration interval ... so that there is a long period of voiceless airflow (a phonetic ) before the onset of the vowel ... for voicing immediately following the release, and there is little or no aspiration (a voice onset time close to zero) ...
Aspirated Consonant - Usage Patterns
... (See voice onset time.) An old IPA symbol for light aspiration was (that is, like a rotated ejective symbol), but this is no longer commonly used ... with the details of voice onset time given numerically ... Spanish /p t k/, for example, have voice onset times (VOTs) of about 5, 10, and 30 milliseconds, whereas English /p t k/ have VOTs of about 60, 70, and 80 ms ...

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