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Coordinated Universal Time - Mechanism
... UTC divides time into days, hours, minutes and seconds ... Days are conventionally identified using the Gregorian calendar, but Julian day numbers can also be used ... Each day contains 24 hours and each hour contains 60 minutes ...
WWVB - Amplitude-modulated Time Code - Announcement Bits
... The bits are updated daily during the minute starting at 0000 UTC ... bit, transmitted at 57 seconds past the minute, changes at the beginning of the UTC day that DST comes into effect or ends ... Therefore, if the DST bits differ, DST is changing at 0200 local time during the current UTC day ...
Unix Time - Definition - Encoding Time As A Number
... which increments every second, without requiring the calculations to determine year, month, day of month, hour and minute required for intelligibility to humans ... Modern Unix time is based on UTC, which counts time using SI seconds, and breaks up the span of time into days almost always 400 ... s long, but due to leap ... The Unix epoch is the time 000000 UTC on 1 January 1970 (or 1970-01-01T000000Z ISO 8601) ...

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    The time at our disposal each day is elastic; the passions we feel dilate it, those that inspire us shrink it, and habit fills it.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)