Leap Seconds

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Network Time Protocol - Leap Seconds
... UTC is subject to scheduled leap seconds to synchronize the timescale to the rotation of the earth ... When a leap second is added, NTP is suspended for 1 second ... Because NTP has no mechanism for remembering the history of leap seconds, leap seconds cause the entire NTP timescale to shift by 1 second ...
Unix Time - History
... "the time since 000000, 1 January 1971, measured in sixtieths of a second" ... that "the chronologically-minded user will note that 232 sixtieths of a second is only about 2.5 years" ... POSIX.1 was written, the question arose of how to precisely define time_t in the face of leap seconds ...
Geotrekking - Accuracy Enhancement and Surveying - Timekeeping - Leap Seconds
... to match the rotation of the Earth, so it does not contain leap seconds or other corrections that are periodically added to UTC ... offset with International Atomic Time (TAI) (TAI – GPS = 19 seconds) ... As of July 2012, GPS time is 16 seconds ahead of UTC because of the leap second added to UTC June 30, 2012 ...
Coordinated Universal Time - Mechanism
... UTC divides time into days, hours, minutes and seconds ... The number of seconds in a minute is usually 60, but may very rarely be 61 or 59 ... Thus, in the UTC time scale, the second and all smaller time units (millisecond, microsecond, etc.) are of constant duration, but the minute and all larger ...
Calculation - Gregorian Calendar From Julian Day Number
... reduced to a maximum of 3 (this reduction occurs for the last day of a leap centennial year where c would be 4 if it were not reduced) subtract the number of days for this ... to a maximum of 3 (this reduction occurs for the leap day, if any, where a would be 4 if it were not reduced) subtract the number of days for this number of annual cycles, it leaves da days ... day into actual hours, minutes, seconds, the astronomical Gregorian calendar uses a constant length of 24 hours per day (i.e ...

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    Grace Clements, U.S. factory worker. As quoted in Working, book 5, by Studs Terkel (1973)

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