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History - GNU Emacs - Release History
... Lisp Package Archive, Themes, optional GTK+3, support for bi-directional input, org-mode included 23.4 January 29, 2012 Fixes a security flaw. 23.1 July 29, 2009 Xft support (anti-aliased fonts are now supported on X ), better Unicode support, new modes and packages for viewing PDF and PostScript files (Doc-view. 22.3 September 5, 2008 GTK+ toolkit support, enhanced mouse support, a new keyboard macro system, improved Unicode support, and drag-and-drop operation on X, plus many ...
Poedit - Features
... Plural forms support ... UTF-8 support ... supported by operating system and works in Unicode internally ...
Sub Rip - Unicode Support
... The SubRip.srt file format supports any text encoding including ANSI, Unicode Little Endian, Unicode Big Endian, UTF-8 ... Further Unicode support is up to if the media player uses a Unicode font ... Due to font licensing restrictions most embedded systems only support ISO-8859 fonts ...
Grammatical Framework - Tutorial - Variable and Inherent Features, Agreement, Unicode Support
... Concrete syntax Hebrew concrete ZeroHeb of Zero = { flags coding=utf8 lincat S = Str NP = {s Str g Gender} VP, V2 = Gender => Str lin Pred np vp = np.s ++ vp ! np.g Compl v2 np = table {g => v2 ! g ++ "את" ++ np.s} John = {s = "ג׳ון" g = Masc} Mary = {s = "מרי" g = Fem} Love = table {Masc => "אוהב" Fem => "אוהבת"} param Gender = Masc

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