Umbilical Cord

In placental mammals, the umbilical cord (also called the birth cord or funiculus umbilicalis) is the connecting cord from the developing embryo or fetus to the placenta. During prenatal development, the umbilical cord is physiologically and genetically part of the fetus and (in humans) normally contains two arteries (the umbilical arteries) and one vein (the umbilical vein), buried within Wharton's jelly. The umbilical vein supplies the fetus with oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood from the placenta. Conversely, the fetal heart pumps deoxygenated, nutrient-depleted blood through the umbilical arteries back to the placenta.

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Umbilical Cord - Additional Images
... Diagram illustrating a later stage in the development of the umbilical cord Fetus of about eight weeks, enclosed in the amnion ... The umbilical cord has not yet been cut Newborn child with cord attached, soon after Home birth Newborn child, soon after birth by Caesarian section ...
Percutaneous Umbilical Cord Blood Sampling
... Percutaneous umbilical cord blood sampling (PUBS), also called cordocentesis, is a diagnostic genetic test that examines blood from the fetal umbilical cord to detect fetal abnormalities ...
Temple Of The Inscriptions - Piers - Pier C
... that connects to it have led many to compare the structure to an umbilical cord ... The fact that this “umbilical cord” connects the figure on Pier C to Pakal’s tomb (and by extension, Pakal himself) supports the identification ... The umbilical cord can then be interpreted as a reference to the royal bloodline ...
Cord Blood - Banking Umbilical Cord Tissue
... Expectant parents can now also collect and preserve stem cells from the tissue of the umbilical cord, whose medical name is Wharton's jelly ... Whereas cord blood is a rich source of Hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) that differentiate to form the lineage of blood cells, cord tissue is a rich source of Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) ... Harvesting the tissue of the umbilical cord can yield between 21 and 500 million MSC ...
Cord Blood - Definition & Collection
... Cord blood is a sample of blood taken from a newborn baby's umbilical cord blood ... Many expecting parents choose to bank their newborn's cord blood, as it may be useful in the future, should the child or a related family member fall victim to a disease that is potentially treatable by cord ... Cord blood is obtained by syringing out the placenta through the umbilical cord at the time of childbirth, after the cord has been detached from the ...

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    The psychological umbilical cord is more difficult to cut than the real one. We experience our children as extensions of ourselves, and we feel as though their behavior is an expression of something within us...instead of an expression of something in them. We see in our children our own reflection, and when we don’t like what we see, we feel angry at the reflection.
    Elaine Heffner (20th century)