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Summer Slam (1992) - Event
... the two main event matches came next, as Randy Savage defended the WWF Championship against the Ultimate Warrior ... Savage and the Warrior traded the advantage back and forth, with Savage performing several clotheslines and punching his opponent and the Ultimate Warrior countering with atomic drops ... Savage executed two double axe handles from the top rope, but the Warrior caught him when Savage attempted the move a third time ...
Summer Slam (1988) - Event
... fifth match of the event was an Intercontinental Championship match between The Ultimate Warrior and the reigning champion The Honky Tonk Man, who was accompanied by Jimmy Hart ... The Ultimate Warrior had the advantage from the beginning, attacking The Honky Tonk Man, who was still in his entrance attire ... The Ultimate Warrior then pinned The Honky Tonk Man after only thirty seconds to win the title ...
Royal Rumble (1990) - Results - Royal Rumble Entrances and Eliminations
... Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by Time 01 !1 Ted DiBiase 18 Ultimate Warrior 02 ... !2 Koko B. 15 ... Smash 16 Haku 16 ... Akeem 11 Snuka 17 ... Jimmy Snuka 19 Hogan 18 ... Dino Bravo 15 Ultimate Warrior 19 ... Earthquake 14 Snuka, Smash, Haku, DiBiase and Neidhart 20 ... Jim Neidhart 17 ...
Machoman - Professional Wrestling Career - World Wrestling Federation (1985–1994) - Second WWF Championship Reign and Teaming With Ultimate Warrior (1991–1992)
... still unable to compete due to his WrestleMania VII loss to the Ultimate Warrior, immediately began a public campaign to have himself reinstated as an active wrestler to gain ... For the better part of 1992, Savage and his old nemesis Warrior (who returned to the WWF at Wrestlemania VIII), peacefully co-existed ... However, when it was announced that Warrior was the new Number One Contender for Savage's WWF Championship, old tensions resurfaced and they had several heated exchanges prior to the match ...
Survivor Series (1988) - Results - Survivor Series Elimination Matches
... None Count Out 1544 6B Honky Tonk Man None Count Out 7 ... Ron Bass Ultimate Warrior Pinfall after Double Axe Handle 8 ... Greg Valentine Ultimate Warrior Pinfall ...

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