UFP is an abbreviation that has several meanings:

  • United Federation of Planets, a fictional interplanetary political organization in the Star Trek universe
  • Union des forces progressistes, a former left-wing political party of Quebec
  • Union of the Forces of Progress (Union des Forces du Progrès), a political party in Mauritania
  • United Federal Party, a former political party of Southern Rhodesia from 1934 to 1965
  • University Foundation Programme, a one-year intensive course that leads to entry to a wide range of universities in the United Kingdom
  • Ultrafine particles, particles less than 100 nanometres

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Southern Rhodesian General Election, 1962 - District Results
... Votes Devalued Votes Votes % BELINGWE Jotham Siyapela Hove UFP 113. 63.8 Samson John Mazibiso CAP 33. 18.6 Gijima Msindo RF 31. 17.5 BINDURA Paul Harbinett Joseph Chanetsa UFP 7,633 28 166 ...
Union Des Forces Progressistes
... Four parties merged to form the UFP in 2002 out of desire to unite Quebec's political left the Rassemblement pour l'alternative progressiste (RAP), the Parti de la démocratie socialiste (PDS), formerly the New ... On 4 February 2006, UFP merged with Option citoyenne to form the new political party Québec solidaire ... The aim of the UFP was to bring together progressive forces across the broad left wing of the political spectrum, including social democrats, socialists and communists ...
United Rhodesia Party
... known as the United Federal Party (UFP) ... The second is the party founded and led by former UFP premier of Southern Rhodesia, Sir Garfield Todd, during the time in which Southern Rhodesia was one of three ... stood to the left of the more centrist UFP, merged with the latter in 1958 following Todd's defeat in the Territorial elections and the victory of the UFP, led at the time by Sir Edgar Whitehead ...
Roy Welensky - Prime Minister - Territorial and Federal Elections
... were held throughout 1961–62, with Welensky's UFP being beaten in each one ... In Northern Rhodesia, neither the UFP nor the two African nationalist parties held a majority, but the African nationalists united to push for independence ... In Southern Rhodesia, the UFP lost the hold that it and its successor parties had for decades in the October election ...
Southern Rhodesian General Election, 1962 - Constituency Results
... Party A Roll B Roll Total Votes Votes Votes % ARUNDEL †Blair Vincent Ewing UFP 930. 60.3 Olive Hope Robertson RF 613. 39.7 AVONDALE †Albert Rubidge Washington Stumbles RF 815. 56.3 ...