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Low Flush Toilet - Problems
... Many people disliked the low-flow toilets because they had to flush the toilets twice to achieve their desired task ... The performance of some low flow toilets has significantly improved since 1994 ... In 2011, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that, while low-flow toilets are estimated to have saved the city of San Francisco 20 million gallons of water per year, the reduction in water ...
Board Toilet
... Board toilets are built-in rooms in vehicles, equipped with a toilet, for the use of human defecation ... Except in luxury versions, these kind of toilets are usually small and uncomfortable ... The feces are put in a basin (chemical toilets except on aircraft where a holding tank is utilized) or, on some ships, piped overboard ...
Sustainable Sanitation - Recommendations To Make Current Sanitation More Sustainable
... systems could be installed instead of using toilets and pit latrines for urination Flush toilets could be modified to use less water ... Greywater could be source-separated from the blackwater from toilets thus simplifying its treatment and providing opportunities for reuse ... Blackwater from toilets could be held in conservancy tanks instead of open septic tanks and cess pits and then emptied and transported to biogas fermentors alternatively ...

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    You did not expect to find such spruce trees in the wild woods, but they evidently attend to their toilets each morning even there. Through such a front yard did we enter that wilderness.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)