Title - Job Titles

Job Titles

Many of the below are not used before names.

  • Engineer, professional qualifications such as Chartered Engineer, European Engineer, Incorporated Engineer, and Professional Engineer
  • Director This title is used extensively for the leaders of artistic projects, such as an Animation director, Art director, Artistic director, Casting director, Creative director, Film director, Game director, Music director, Television director, Theatre director, and Video Director. Other forms are Director of Operations, Funeral Director, and Technical Director.
  • RN
  • MT/CLS
  • AICP
  • Attorney
  • Physician
  • Doctor
  • Accountant
    • ACMA
    • CA
    • CPA
    • CIA
    • CGA
    • CMA
    • CFM
    • CFP
    • CFE
    • CFA
    • MAcy
    • MBA
  • Advocate
  • Ambassador - designated individual representative
  • Bailiff
  • Barrister
  • Chartered Surveyor (MRICS)
  • County Surveyor
  • Coach
  • Esquire
  • Engineering titles:
    • MBEng, Building Engineer
    • PE, Professional Engineer
    • SE, Structural Engineer
    • GE, Geotechnical Engineer
    • Chartered Engineer (CEng)
    • Incorporated Engineer(IEng)
    • Eur Ing, European Engineer
    • P.Eng, Professional Engineer
  • Insurance Professionals:
    • CIP
    • FCIP
  • IT Professionals:
    • Chartered IT Professional (CITP)
    • Member of the British Computing Society (MBCS)
  • Chartered Biologist(CBiol)
  • Chartered Scientist (CSci)
  • EurChem
  • Master Mariner
  • MLIS
  • MSN
  • MSW
  • Logistician
    • CPL
    • PLog
    • FCILT
    • CMILT
    • CTP
  • Notary
  • NPLQ
  • Registered Pharmacist R.Ph
  • PA, RPA, PA-C or RPA-C
  • Physicists:
    • P.Phy, Chartered Physicist (UK)
    • P.Phy, Professional Physicist (Canada)
  • Pilot Qualifications:
  • Pilot – Professional Titles/Ranks:
    • Captain (Capt.)
    • First Officer (F/O.)
    • Second Officer (S/O.)
    • Flight Engineer (F/E.)
  • Queen's Counsel QC (KC when the monarch is male)
  • Reader
  • Urban planning titles:
    • AICP, Certified Planner
    • RPP, Registered Professional Planner

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