Teapot Dome

  • (noun): A government scandal involving a former United States Navy oil reserve in Wyoming that was secretly leased to a private oil company in 1921; became symbolic of the scandals of the Harding administration.
    Synonyms: Teapot Dome scandal

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Ohio Gang - Background
... The Ohio Gang was responsible for the Teapot Dome scandal ... The Teapot Dome was considered America’s biggest political scandal up until Watergate ... Fall was mainly responsible for the Teapot Dome scandal and was eventually jailed for taking bribes ...
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. - Biography - Political Career
3, Teapot Dome Field, Natrona County, Wyoming and Naval Petroleum Reserve No ... leased, without competitive bidding, the Teapot Dome Field to Harry F ... All of this came to be known as the Teapot Dome scandal ...
Edward L. Doheny - Family
... In 1929, during the midst of the Teapot Dome scandal, Doheny's son, Ned died at Greystone mansion, in a still incomplete story, a murder-suicide involving himself and his ... Beset by shareholder lawsuits in the wake of Teapot Dome, and the death of Ned, Doheny became a recluse and invalid ... realized her husband needed an undisturbed home away for a while after the Teapot Dome travails and Ned's death, Carrie Estelle asked architect Wallace Neff to design and build the Ferndale Ranch complex ...
Teapot Dome Scandal
... The Teapot Dome scandal was a bribery incident that took place in the United States from 1922–1923, during the administration of President Warren G ... Fall leased Navy petroleum reserves at Teapot Dome and two other locations to private oil companies at low rates without competitive bidding ... Before the Watergate scandal, Teapot Dome was regarded as the "greatest and most sensational scandal in the history of American politics" ...

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