Team Buddies - Battle Toys

Battle Toys

Listed in this order:1 Brick, 2 Bricks horizontal, 2 Bricks vertical, 4 Bricks horizontal, 4 Bricks vertical, 8 Bricks, then the supers will be listed after in the same order. S means super, " means same as before. So, for example, S " means same as before only super.

  • World 1: Uzi 9mm, Gernades, Infundry, Bazooka, Commando, Small Tank.
  • Supers : Uzi 12mm, S ", S ", S ", S ", Small Gattling Tank.
  • World 2: Shotgun, Time Bombs, Infundry, Gattling Gun, Medic, Small Rocket Tank.
  • Supers : S ", S ", S ", " Cannon, S ", Two-person small tank.
  • World 3:

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