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Recording At The Edge - System Management
... Another significant benefit of centralized systems is the relative simplicity of system management, because everything is co-located in one room or data center rather than dispersed across hundreds or thousands of ... to be a pragmatic solution it is critical to include centralized health monitoring and associated system management utilities ... These include SNMP compatibility to network management systems such as Tivoli and HP Open View, and the ability to reconfigure and upgrade multiple units simultaneously ...
Integrated Remote Management Controller - Functionality
... operates independently of the operating system (OS) (i.e ... out-of-band) to allow administrators to manage a system remotely in the absence of an operating system or of the system management software, and thus can be ... BIOS settings to be remotely monitored or changed), when the system is powered down, or after OS or system failure, which is the key characteristic of IPMI compared ...
Host Embedded Controller Interface - Details
... variable data-rate bus enables the Host and ME to communicate system management information and events in a standards-compliant way, essentially replacing the System Management Bus (SMBus) ... (OEMs) have historically provided active management technologies through the use of proprietary on-board controllers, such as Baseboard Management Controllers ... used SMBus have the following aspects in common the Host OS is able to control system management devices such as on-board fan controllers, remote wake devices such as Wake-on-LAN, power supply devices ...

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