SVO is an acronym for several terms:

  • Mustang SVO, a car developed by Ford Motor Company
  • Saturn Valley Online, an EarthBound MMORPG.
  • Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Russia, IATA Airport Code
  • Sparse voxel octree, an algorithm for computer graphics rendering
  • Special Vehicle Operations, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company
  • Straight vegetable oil, vegetable oil used as fuel.
  • Subject–verb–object in linguistic typology

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Social Value Orientations - Stylized SVO Facts
... SVO has been shown to be predictive of important behavioral variables, such as cooperative behavior in social dilemmas helping behavior donation behavior proenvironmental behavior ... Among adults, it has been shown repeatedly that prosocial SVOs are most frequently observed (up to 60 percent), followed by individualistic SVOs (about ... Evidence also suggests that SVO is first and foremost determined by socialization, and that genetic predisposition plays a minor role in SVO development ...
Social Value Orientations - SVO From A Broader Perspective
... The SVO construct is rooted in social psychology, but has also been studied in other disciplines, such as economics ... However, the general concept underlying SVO is inherently interdisciplinary, and has been studied under different names in a variety of different ... Originally, the SVO construct as conceptualized by the SVO ring framework did not include preferences such as inequality aversion, which is a distributive preference heavily studied in experimental ...
... In linguistic typology, subject–verb–object (SVO) is a sentence structure where the subject comes first, the verb second, and the object third ... are examples of languages that can follow an SVO pattern ... The Romance languages also follow SVO construction, except for certain constructions in many of them in which a pronoun functions as the object (e.g ...
Ford Mustang (third Generation) - 1983–1986
... were dropped, leaving L, LX, GT, Turbo GT, and a new addition, the SVO ... The new Mustang SVO appeared first in 1984 and was produced through 1986 ... Four-wheel disc brakes, 16-inch specific wheels, and an SVO-specific bi-plane rear spoiler were just a few of the notable differences between the SVO and the rest of the Mustang line ...
Social Value Orientations - SVO Measurement - Ring Measure
... Liebrand in 1984 and is based on the geometric SVO framework proposed by Griesinger and Livingson in 1973 ... to equally spaced adjacent own-other-payoff allocations on an SVO ring, i.e ... choice behavior, while the angle indicates that subject's SVO ...