A surrogate is a substitute or deputy for another person in a specific role and may refer to:

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Surrogate Alcohol - Russia
... Consumption of surrogate alcohol is a common problem in Russia, contributing to the high rate of alcohol-related deaths in the country ... These changes, however, led to the formation of a black market for alcohol, including surrogates ... in alcohol prices, leading more people to cheaper surrogate alcohol ...
The Surrogate (1995 Film)
... The Surrogate is a 1995 television movie drama directed by Jan Egleson and Raymond Hartung and aired on ABC ... After a lot of hesitation, the family asks her to be the surrogate mother of their child, since Joan can't have babies herself anymore ...
Surrogate - Other Uses
... Surrogate (clergy), a deputy of a bishop or ecclesiastical judge Surrogate Court, a court primarily concerned with the distribution of assets of a decedent Surrogate alcohol, a ...
List Of My-Otome Terminology - Anime Only - Surrogate System
... The Surrogate System is the temporary system which takes place if the Fumi System is down ... The surrogate system only has a limited number of uses available, and each use only allows a materialization for a few minutes before energy runs out ... to the Predecessor) need to use it Meister contracts function normally and do not require the Surrogate system ...
The Surrogate Woman
... The Surrogate Woman aka Surrogate Womb aka The Surrogate Mother (씨받이 - Ssibaji) is a 1987 film directed by Im Kwon-taek, dealing with a love affair during the Joseon Dynasty ... plays as the main character and has been widely acclaimed in her role as the surrogate mother ...

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    Detachment is the prerogative of an elite; and as the dandy is the nineteenth century’s surrogate for the aristocrat in matters of culture, so Camp is the modern dandyism. Camp is the answer to the problem: how to be a dandy in the age of mass culture.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)