Stevenson is an English language patronymic surname meaning "son of Steven". Its first historical record is from pre 10th century England. People with the name include:

  • Adonis Stevenson (born 1977) a Canadian Boxer
  • Alexandra Stevenson (born 1980), American tennis player
  • Ben Stevenson (born 1936), British ballet dancer and director
  • Carter L. Stevenson (1817–1888), American soldier
  • Charles Stevenson (1908–1979), American philosopher
  • Coke Stevenson (1888-1975), American politician, Governor of Texas 1941-47
  • DeShawn Stevenson (born 1981), American basketball player
  • Eric Stevenson (born 1966), American politician from New York
  • Eric Stevenson (footballer) (born 1942), Scottish footballer
  • Frank A. Stevenson (born 1970), Norwegian computer game developer and cryptographer
  • Ian Stevenson (1918–2007), Canadian psychiatrist and reincarnation researcher
  • Jessica Hynes (née Stevenson) (born 1972), English writer and actress
  • John Stevenson (disambiguation)
  • Juliet Stevenson (born 1956), English actress
  • Lewis Stevenson (disambiguation)
  • Robert Stevenson (disambiguation)
  • Ronald Stevenson (born 1928), Scottish composer
  • Ryan Stevenson (born 1984), Scottish footballer
  • Stewart Stevenson (born 1946), Scottish politician
  • Teófilo Stevenson (born 1952), Cuban boxer
  • Toby Stevenson (born 1976), American pole vaulter
  • Tom Stevenson (born 1951) British wine writer
  • Tommy Stevenson (1914–1944), jazz trumpet player
  • Trudy Stevenson (born 1944), Zimbabwean politician

Extended families:

  • Stevenson family from Illinois
    • Adlai Stevenson I (1835–1914), U.S. Vice President
    • Adlai Stevenson II (1900–1965), American politician, governor of Illinois
    • Adlai Stevenson III (born 1930), U.S. Senator from Illinois
    • Lewis Stevenson (1868–1929), American politician from Illinois
    • McLean Stevenson (1929–1996), actor
  • Scottish family of (mostly) lighthouse engineers
    • Alan Stevenson (1807–1865), lighthouse engineer
    • Charles Alexander Stevenson (1855–1950), lighthouse engineer
    • D. E. Stevenson (1892–1973), author
    • David Stevenson (engineer) (1815–1886), lighthouse engineer
    • David Alan Stevenson (1854–1938), lighthouse engineer
    • Robert Stevenson (civil engineer) (1772–1850), lighthouse engineer
    • Robert Alan Mowbray Stevenson (1847–1900), art critic
    • Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894), author of Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    • Thomas Stevenson (1818–1887), lighthouse designer
  • Scottish family with links to Tyneside
    • Flora Stevenson (1839–1905) education reformer
    • J. J. Stevenson (1831–1908), architect
    • James Cochran Stevenson (1825–1905) chemical manufacturer and Member of Parliament
    • Louisa Stevenson (1835–1908), campaigner for women's causes
    • Nathaniel Stevenson (1840-1811), General and Governor of Guernsey
    • James Stevenson-Hamilton (1867-1957), 16th of Fairolm and Kruger National Park ranger

Famous quotes containing the word stevenson:

    I am so wrapped, and throughly lapped of jolly good ale and old!
    —William Stevenson (1530?–1575)

    O to dream, O to awake and wander
    There, and with delight to take and render,
    Through the trance of silence,
    Quiet breath;
    Lo! for there, among the flowers and grasses,
    Only the mightier movement sounds and passes;
    Only winds and rivers,
    Life and death.
    —Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894)

    A child should always say what’s true
    And speak when he is spoken to,
    And behave mannerly at table;
    At least as far as he is able.
    —Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894)