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South Carolina State Guard
... The South Carolina State Guard (SCSG) is the designated state defense force for the state of South Carolina,USA ... The State Guard maintains its headquarters in Columbia ...
Alexander E. Steen - Military Career
... Steen graduated from the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, and was assigned as a second lieutenant to the 12th U.S ... Civil War in 1861, many Missourians were forced to choose sides, especially after the state's neutrality came under test when pro-secessionist forces began organizing ... general in the secessionist Missouri State Guard (MSG) under its commander, Major General Sterling Price, serving as drillmaster at the State Guard encampment at Cowskin Prairie near the Arkansas ...
Mississippi National Guard - Mississippi State Guard
... Mississippi's state defense force, the Mississippi State Guard, is a military entity authorized by both the State Code of Mississippi and executive order ... The State Guard is the state’s authorized militia and assumes the state mission of the Mississippi National Guard in the event the MS National Guard is mobilized ... This force is federally recognized, but are separate from the National Guard and are not meant to be federalized ...
South Carolina State Guard - History
... The South Carolina State Guard has an illustrious and distinctive history dating back to 1775 during the war with Great Britain ... The frigate South Carolina commanded by the naval component of the State Guard was responsible for capturing tons of gunpowder from the British to supply the state and Continental Armies in the early ... State Guard troops were instrumental in defeating the Spanish and securing Florida in the early 1800s and they served with distinction in the War with Mexico and the Spanish-American War ...
Military Of The Democratic Republic Of The Congo - History - Zaire 1971–1997
... In 1971 the army's force consisted of the 1st Groupement at Kananga, with one guard battalion, two infantry battalions, and a gendarmerie battalion attached, and the 2nd Groupement (Kinsha ... FAZ was made up of 14 infantry battalions, seven "Guard" battalions, and seven other infantry battalions variously designated as "parachute" (or possibly "commando" probably the units of ... In 1984, a militarised police force, the Guard Civile, was formed ...

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    What is the structure of government that will best guard against the precipitate counsels and factious combinations for unjust purposes, without a sacrifice of the fundamental principle of republicanism?
    James Madison (1751–1836)

    The almost unexplored Everglades lay close by and with a half- hour’s start a man who knew the country was safe from pursuit. As one man cheerfully confided ..., ‘A boat don’t leave no trail, stranger.’
    —For the State of Florida, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)