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Church Slavonic Language - Recensions - Russian (Synodal) Recension - Standard (Russian) Variant
... In Russia, Church Slavonic is pronounced in the same way as Russian, with some exceptions Church Slavonic features okanye and yekanye, i.e ... positions are always read as and ~ respectively (like in northern Russian dialects), whereas in standard Russian pronunciation they have different allophones when unstressed ... in borrowings from Church Slavonic into Russian in the following pairs the first word is Church Slavonic in origin, and the second is purely Russian небо / нёбо (nebo / nëbo ...
Southern Russian Dialects - Phonology
... Fricative /ɣ/ instead of the Standard and Northern /ɡ/ ... Semivowel /w~u̯/ in the place of the Standard and Northern /v/ and final /l/ ... /x~xv~xw/ where the Standard and Northern have /f/ ...
Russian Language - Standard Russian
... The standard well-known form of Russian is generally called the Modern Russian Literary Language ... century with the modernization reforms of the Russian state by Peter the Great ... It developed from the Moscow (Middle or Central Russian) dialect substratum under some influence of the Russian chancellery language of the previous centuries ...

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