Societal Marketing

The societal marketing concept is an enlightened marketing concept that holds that a company should make good marketing decisions by considering consumers' wants, the company's requirements, and society's long-term interests. It is closely linked with the principles of corporate social responsibility and of sustainable development. Early papers on the topic include those by William Lazer and by Philip Kotler and Sidney Levy. The Journal of Marketing presented a comprehensive discussion of societal marketing in July 1971.

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Societal Marketing - Criticism
... Societal marketing has received a considerable amount of critique ... The societal marketing concept has become an excellent strategy for promotions with social dimensions and for exploring consumers’ behavioural response to such corporate ‘ doing good’ ... Future development of the concept Societal marketing is gaining the marketers and consumer attention and there is every reason to expect it to continue ...
History Of Marketing - The Societal Marketing Concept
... Societal marketing emerged in the 1960s ... The societal marketing concept deals with the needs, wants and demands of customers how to satisfy them by producing superior value that should satisfy the ... Societal marketing developed into sustainable marketing ...

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    Society’s double behavioral standard for women and for men is, in fact, a more effective deterrent than economic discrimination because it is more insidious, less tangible. Economic disadvantages involve ascertainable amounts, but the very nature of societal value judgments makes them harder to define, their effects harder to relate.
    Anne Tucker (b. 1945)