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Lex Junia Norbana
... Praetors gave protections to slaves freed by manumissio inter amicos and manumissio per epistulam, which were not as formal as the civil law states ... By this law, slaves that were freed by those types of manumissions did not become Roman citizens, but rather so-called Latini iuniani, who lived as free men but died as slaves (this way they could not ... Justinian made these manumissions a law, so slaves freed this way would stay free ...
Emancipation Proclamation - Coverage
... rebellion in 1863, and thus did not cover the nearly 500,000 slaves in the slave-holding border states (Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland or Delaware) which were Union states — those slaves were freed by separate ... These exemptions left unemancipated an additional 300,000 slaves ... by Richard Hofstadter for "freeing" only the slaves over which the Union had no power ...
Emancipation Proclamation - Implementation - Immediate Impact
... Proclamation did not immediately free a single slave ... As a result of the Proclamation, many slaves were freed during the course of the war, beginning with the day it took effect ... Estimates of the number of slaves freed immediately by the Emancipation Proclamation are uncertain ...
Amistad (film) - Plot
... The film begins in the depths of the schooner La Amistad, a slave-ship carrying captured West Africans into slavery ... introduced to two of the country's leading abolitionists the elderly freed slave Theodore Joadson (Morgan Freeman) and Christian activist Lewis Tappan (Stellan Skarsgård), both of ... claims of property ownership from the Kingdom of Spain, the United States, the owners of the slaves and of La Amistad, and the American captain and first mate of the vessel responsible for re-capturing the slave-ship ...

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    That through thy prowess and victorious arms,
    Thy country may be freed from foreign harms;
    And great Elisa’s glorious name may ring
    Through all the world
    Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)

    When white men were willing to put their own offspring in the kitchen and corn field and allowed them to be sold into bondage as slaves and degraded them as another man’s slave, the retribution of wrath was hanging over this country and the South paid penance in four years of bloody war.
    Rebecca Latimer Felton (1835–1930)