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Cumbia - Origins
... Spain used its ports to import African slaves, who tried to preserve their musical traditions and also turned the drumming and dances into a courtship ritual ... The slaves were later influenced by the sounds of New World instruments from the Kogui and Kuna tribes, who lived between the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the ... Other nights, they would bring their slaves to play their traditional drums and dances ...
Thrall - Background
... While there are some estimates of as many as thirty slaves per household, most families only owned one or two slaves ... Northern Europe, there arose an increasing demand for non-Christian slaves ... became a "freedman"—a member of an intermediary group between slaves and freemen ...
Nashoba Commune
... experimental project of Fanny Wright, initiated in 1825 to educate and emancipate slaves ... in which no slaveholders would lose money for emancipating slaves ... Instead, Wright proposed that, through a system of unified labor, the slaves would buy their freedom and then be transported to the independent settlements of Liberia and Haiti ...
George Boxley
... slaveholder who allegedly tried to coordinate a local slave rebellion on March 6, 1815 while living in Spotsylvania, Virginia ... His plan was based on "heaven-sent" orders to free the slaves ... He tried to recruit slaves from Orange, Spotsylvania, and Louisa counties to meet at his home with horses, guns, swords and clubs ...
Edward Coles - Coles’ Efforts To Assist Madison in Manumitting Slaves
... confided in Coles his wish to manumit his own slaves and called on Coles’ experience in trying to sort out the challenge of finding the right way in which to do this ... Believing that Madison had committed to freeing his slaves in his will, Coles was devastated when, after the passing of James Madison, the terms of the will were made known and the slaves had not been freed ...

Famous quotes containing the word slaves:

    ... the virtue of female slaves is wholly at the mercy of irresponsible tyrants, and women are bought and sold in our slave markets, to gratify the brutal lust of those who bear the name of Christians.
    Sarah M. Grimke (1792–1873)

    When I think of the gold-diggers and the Mormons, the slaves and the slave-holders and the flibustiers, I naturally dream of a glorious private life. No, I am not patriotic.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    I do not wish, it happens, to be associated with Massachusetts, either in holding slaves or in conquering Mexico. I am a little better than herself in these respects.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)