Slave Systems

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Working Memory - Theories - Baddeley and Hitch
... This theory proposes that two "slave systems" are responsible for short-term maintenance of information, and a "central executive" is responsible for the supervision of information integration and for coordinating ... One slave system, the phonological loop (PL), stores phonological information (that is, the sound of language) and prevents its decay by continuously articulating its contents, thereby refreshing the information in a ... The other slave system, the visuo-spatial sketchpad, stores visual and spatial information ...
Baddeley's Model Of Working Memory
... working memory) providing a different perspective on the working memory system ... central executive which acts as supervisory system and controls the flow of information from and to its slave systems the phonological loop and the visuo-spatial ... The slave systems are short-term storage systems dedicated to a content domain (verbal and visuo-spatial, respectively) ...

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