Slammer can refer to:

  • SQL Slammer, a Computer worm
  • a slang term for prison or jail
  • an "Alabama Slammer" or "Tequila Slammer" cocktail
  • Sholef / Slammer, an Israeli self-propelled 155mm howitzer based on a Merkava tank chassis
  • the non-transforming tank who is a partner to Metroplex in Transformers
  • Slammer Guitars, a budget subsidiary of Hamer Guitars
  • an AIM-120 AMRAAM Missile, nicknamed Slammer
  • Penn Jillette's house in Las Vegas, also known as "the slammer"
  • Slammer (calypsonian), an early Barbadian calypsonian
  • Slammer (Ride), the second S&S Power Sky Swat in the world at Thorpe Park, Surrey, England
  • Slammer, an entity who changes a telephone carrier of a telephone line illegally (Telephone slamming)
  • Railfan term for a British Rail electrical multiple unit based on Mark 1 carriages, having manual doors that one has to slam, hence the term.
  • A type of POG

Other articles related to "slammer, slammers":

Slammer Whammers - Product
... The standard Slammer Whammers product was a blister pack containing 24 milkcaps and 2 slammers ... released various sets of milkcaps under the Slammer Whammers name, for example Biker Bugs, Wise Guys, Skull Squad and Wild Things ... There were 288 slammer whammers to collect ...
Sin Slammer
... The Sin slammer or Vodka slammer, is a drinking method of rectified alcohol. ...
Tequila Slammer - In Popular Culture
... Slammers is a song about the drink by British psychobilly band King Kurt ... Tequila Slammer is a song by the guitarist Tommy Emmanuel ... Yun-fat's character (whose nickname is Tequila) is seen preparing himself a slammer in the opening credits sequence ...
Sin Slammer - Method
... A derivative of the "Tequila Slammer", the Sin slammer mainly uses highly-rectified spirit such as Spirytus ... The rest is the same as a tequila slammer, the drinker places their palm on top of the shot glass, bangs the glass onto the table, then gulp down the cocktail before it overflows with the fizzing carbonated water ...
Warhol Worm
... The SQL Slammer worm was the first observed example of a Warhol worm ... The mechanism of SQL Slammer's spread used a pseudo-random number generator seeded from a system variable to determine which IP addresses to attack next ... According to a CAIDA-coordinated analysis of the SQL Slammer outbreak, its growth followed an exponential curve with a doubling time of 8.5 seconds in the early phases of the attack, which was only slowed by ...