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Simplified Chinese Characters - Method of Simplification
... Structural simplification of characters (T字型結構簡化 S字型结构简化) All characters simplified this way are enumerated in Chart 1 and Chart 2 in Jianhuazi zong biao ... Chart 1 lists all 350 characters that are used by themselves, and can never serve as 'simplified character components' (簡化偏旁 or simplified radical components) ... Chart 2 lists 132 characters that are used by themselves as well as utilized as simplified character components to further derive other simplified characters ...
Radical (Chinese Character) - Simplified Characters
... Simplified Chinese characters often contain radicals which have been simplified according to two basic rules Replace several lines and/or dots with one ... One example is the character for "language" the traditional character is 語, whilst in the simplified 语 only the radical is altered ...
Debate On Traditional And Simplified Chinese Characters - Developments in Recent Years - 2009
... World Heritage status for Traditional Chinese characters in a bid to preserve them for the future ... of Lianghui, Mr Pan Qing-Lin proposed a bill to abolish Simplified Characters successively and reintroduce Traditional Characters step by step within the next 10 years ... of the destruction of the scientific and aesthetic aspects of Chinese characters, the enhancement in technology diminishing the fast handwriting advantage of Simplified Characters ...
Singaporean Mandarin - Writing System
... In Singapore, simplified Chinese characters are the official standard used in all official publications as well as the government-controlled press ... While simplified Chinese characters are taught exclusively in schools, the government does not officially discourage the use of traditional characters, as the government of the People's Republic of ... signs continue to be written in traditional characters ...

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