Sheng can refer to:

  • Sheng (instrument)
  • Beijing opera#Sheng, the main role in Beijing opera
  • Sheng (linguistics), a slang dialect of the Swahili language
  • Province (China), an administrative division of China, called sheng in Mandarin
  • Sheng, ancient Chinese unit for measuring cereal grains volume, ~1 liter.

Other articles related to "sheng":

Lin Chih-sheng
... Lin Chih-sheng, (traditional Chinese 林智勝 simplified Chinese 林智胜 pinyin Lín Zhìshèng Wade–Giles Lin2 Chih4 Sheng4 born January 1, 1982), also known as ... Along with teammate Shih Chih-wei, the two are often referred to as the "Sheng-Shih Connection," a reference to the glove puppet film Legend of the Sacred Stone ...
Sheng Guangzu
... Sheng Guangzu (Chinese 盛光祖 pinyin Shèng Guāngzǔ born 1949) is the Party Chief and railway minister of the Ministry of Railways, replacing Liu Zhijun who is facing allegations of corruption ... Sheng was also a member of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China ... Maximum operating speeds for high speed trains have also been reduced with Sheng as Minister, mostly in the wake of the collision ...
Chancellor Of The Tang Dynasty - Origins
... Emperor Wen of Sui divided his government into five main bureaus Shangshu Sheng (尚書省) -- executive bureau Menxia Sheng (門下省) -- examination bureau Neishǐ Sheng ...
Sheng Zhimin
... Sheng Zhimin (born 1969) is a Chinese filmmaker from Beijing ... Unlike other directors to emerge in recent years, Sheng has had no formal training ... In these positions, Sheng worked on the films Spicy Love Soup, Durian Durian, Public Toilet, and Platform ...
Li Junfeng - Publications
... Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong A Return to Oneness ... Manila, Philippines International Sheng Zhen Society, 1995 ... Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong A Return to Oneness (DVD) ...