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Two Dimensions: Curvature of Surfaces - Second Fundamental Form
... A related notion of curvature is the shape operator, which is a linear operator from the tangent plane to itself ... When applied to a tangent vector X to the surface, the shape operator is the tangential component of the rate of change of the normal vector when moved along a curve on the ... The principal curvatures are the eigenvalues of the shape operator, and in fact the shape operator and second fundamental form have the same matrix representation with respect to a pair of ...
Differential Geometry Of Surfaces - Local Metric Structure - Shape Operator
... Further information Peterson operator The differential df of the Gauss map f can be used to define a type of extrinsic curvature, known as the shape operator or Weingarten map ... This operator first appeared implicitly in the work of Wilhelm Blaschke and later explicitly in a treatise by Burali-Forti and Burgati ... of the surface, the tangent space is an inner product space, the shape operator Sx can be defined as a linear operator on this space by the formula for tangent vectors v, w (the inner product makes ...

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