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  • Sanlih Entertainment Television, a television channel in Taiwan
  • Scalar expectancy theory
  • Serial endosymbiosis theory, a theory concerning the origins of mitochondria and plastids
  • Similarity Enhanced Transfer, a technology used to speed up download rate of files on file sharing networks
  • Simulated Emergency Test, an amateur radio training exercise
  • Single Embryo Transfer
  • Societatea Pentru Exploatări Tehnice, a Romanian aeronautics company of the 1920s to 1940s
  • Society of Engineering Technologists, a student organization at Texas Tech University
  • Sony Entertainment Television, a television channel owned by Sony
  • South Eastern Trains, a rail company operating in South East England
  • Stock Exchange of Thailand, the national stock exchange of Thailand
    • SET Index, an index for the Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • Strategic Energy Technologies Plan (EU SET Plan)
  • Study of Exceptional Talent, a program for gifted students
  • Single-Ended Triode, a type of electronic amplifier
  • Social entropy Theory, application of entropy concept to maintenance or disorganisation in society
  • Northeastern University, School of Engineering Technology
  • Southeast Toyota Distributors LLC, a distributor of Toyota vehicles
  • Suzuki SET, Suzuki Exhaust Tuning, a device for altering pressure waves within motorcycle exhausts

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