Sensitive Layer

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35 Mm Film - How Film Works
... Inside the photographic emulsion are millions of light-sensitive silver halide crystals ... the film base with a transparent adhesive called the subbing layer ... backing, which usually contains absorber dyes or a thin layer of silver or carbon (called rem-jet on color negative stocks) ...
Processing of Kodachrome Films
... exhaustion products reacted with a color coupler to form a dye in the color complementary to the layer's sensitivity ... The red-sensitive layer was re-exposed through the base of the film with red light, then redeveloped forming cyan dye ... The blue-sensitive layer was re-exposed through the emulsion side of the film with blue light, then redeveloped forming yellow dye ...
Chromogenic - Description
... Chromogenic film or paper contains one or many layers of silver halide emulsion, along with dye couplers that, in combination with processing chemistry, form visible dyes ... In processing, the silver image of each layer is first developed ... In concert with the dye couplers in each layer, the process subsequently forms dyes only in those areas where silver is present ...

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    A revolution is not the overturning of a cart, a reshuffling in the cards of state. It is a process, a swelling, a new growth in the race. If it is real, not simply a trauma, it is another ring in the tree of history, layer upon layer of invisible tissue composing the evidence of a circle.
    Kate Millett (b. 1934)

    I can understand that if you have sold arms to the ayatollah why you might not be quite as sensitive to the need to get assault weapons off our streets.
    Charles S. Robb (b. 1939)