Selection Criteria

Some articles on selection criteria, criteria:

Indian School, Al-Ghubra - The Houses - Selection Criteria
... The selection criteria for the choice of the Heads of the Houses are based on seniority ... The selection criteria for the Junior Head Masters and Mistresses is almost always based on the individual's skills and experience within a particular field ...
List Of Distributed Computing Conferences - Selection Criteria
... have been selected using the following criteria the notability of the conference has been confirmed by multiple independent sources for example, it has been mentioned in ... For the first criterion, references are provided criteria 2–3 are usually clear from the name of the conference ...
Historic Monuments Of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji And Otsu Cities) - Selection Criteria
... The 17 properties of the World Heritage Site originate from a period between the 10th century and the 19th century, and each is representative of the period in which it was built ... The historical importance of the Kyoto region was taken into account by the UNESCO in the selection process ...
Memeticist - New Developments
... has postulated what he calls "memetic selection criteria" ... These criteria opened the way to a specialized field of applied memetics to find out if these selection criteria could stand the test of quantitative analyses ... carried out these tests in a Masters thesis project on the testability of the selection criteria ...

Famous quotes containing the words criteria and/or selection:

    We should have learnt by now that laws and court decisions can only point the way. They can establish criteria of right and wrong. And they can provide a basis for rooting out the evils of bigotry and racism. But they cannot wipe away centuries of oppression and injustice—however much we might desire it.
    Hubert H. Humphrey (1911–1978)

    When you consider the radiance, that it does not withhold
    itself but pours its abundance without selection into every
    nook and cranny
    Archie Randolph Ammons (b. 1926)