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Diversity Training - Leading Diverse Teams
... According to Michael Bird, many project managers may feel that they are treading new territory as they lead project teams made of individuals from different cultures, heterogeneous mixes, and differing ... a lack of understanding of the techniques required to manage diverse teams which can lead to project managers being less efficient and effective ... Bird further states that the project manager will need to refine and improve management techniques and should complete a post project evaluation to measure the overall results of managing ...
Matrix Management - Advantages and Disadvantages
... of a matrix include Individuals can be chosen according to the needs of the project ... The use of a project team that is dynamic and able to view problems in a different way as specialists have been brought together in a new environment ... Project managers are directly responsible for completing the project within a specific deadline and budget ...
Memeticist - New Developments
... In 2003 Klaas Chielens carried out these tests in a Masters thesis project on the testability of the selection criteria ... Whitty has argued that project management is a memeplex with the language and stories of its practitioners at its core ... some say heretical approach requires project managers to consider that most of what they call a project and what it is to manage one is an illusion a human construct about a ...

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    We also have to make sure our children know the history of women. Tell them the rotten truth: It wasn’t always possible for women to become doctors or managers or insurance people. Let them be armed with a true picture of the way we want it to be.
    Anne Roiphe (20th century)

    I wish to come to know you get to know you all
    Let your belief in me and me in you stand tall
    Just like a project of which no one tells
    Or do ya still think that I’m somebody else?
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)