Sectional can refer to:

  • An article of furniture in the more general category referred to as a couch
  • A rehearsal of a single section of a larger musical ensemble
  • Sectional chart, an aeronautical chart used for VFR navigation

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Sectional - See Also
... "Sectionals", a season 1 episode of the musical-themed TV series Glee. ...
List Of St. Johnstone F.C. Seasons
... Top scorer(s) (league only) 1960–61 1 15th Bobby Brown First Round Sectional Matthew McVittie 8 1961–62 1 17th Bobby Brown Second Round Semi-Final Alex Ferguson 5 1962–63 2 1st Bobby Brown Second Round ...
National Electronic Sectional Appendix
... The "National Electronic Sectional Appendix" (NESA) is an online alternative to hard copy Sectional Appendices, although the latter are still being published and can be ...
Sectional Density
... Sectional density is the ratio of an object's mass to its cross-sectional area ... August Cönders, based on the theory of increasing sectional density to improve penetration ... Sectional density is often used in gun ballistics where sectional density is the ratio of a projectile weight, to its diameter ...
Sectional Density - Use in Ballistics
... The sectional density of a projectile can be employed in two area of ballistics ... Within external ballistics, when the sectional density of a projectile is divided by its form factor it yields the projectile's ballistic coefficient ... Within terminal ballistics, the sectional density of a projectile is one of the determining factors for projectile penetration ...

Famous quotes containing the word sectional:

    It is to be lamented that the principle of national has had very little nourishment in our country, and, instead, has given place to sectional or state partialities. What more promising method for remedying this defect than by uniting American women of every state and every section in a common effort for our whole country.
    Catherine E. Beecher (1800–1878)