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Hmong American - Hmong Immigration To U.S. - 1990s and 2000s
... war efforts during the Vietnam War, Johns labeled Clinton's support for returning the Thai-based Hmong refugees to Laos a "betrayal" and urged Congressional Republicans to step up opposition to the ... Throughout the Vietnam War, and for two decades following it, the U.S ... government stated that there was no "Secret War" in Laos and that the U.S ...
Secret War (comics) - In Other Media - Video Games
2 begins its story with the events depicted in the Secret War story arc of the Marvel Universe ... From there the story follows the Civil War story arc ... The Secret War costumes for Wolverine, Luke Cage and Daredevil appear as alternate costumes ...
Hmong People - Geography - Laos - The "Secret War"
... Army intruders into Laos during the Vietnam War ... of the Hmong men in Laos were assisted by the CIA to join fighting for the "Secret War" in Laos ... Though their role was generally kept secret in the early stages of the conflict, they made monumental sacrifices to help the U.S ...
Laos Memorial - Historical Significance
1997 in an emotional Arlington Cemetery ceremony attended by thousands, including Hmong war veterans and refugees, American government officials, and U.S ... the contributions of these soldiers who fought alongside the United States during the Vietnam War ... A covert war, the contributions of the Hmong to the U.S ...
Secret War (comics)
... Secret War is a five-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics ... The storyline in Secret War is unrelated to the original Secret Wars and Secret Wars II crossover limited series which Marvel published in the mid-1980s, although its title is clearly inspired by them ... Bendis has noted that Secret War is connected to Secret Invasion where Skrulls have infiltrated several institutions of Earth ...

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    Our young people have come to look upon war as a kind of beneficent deity, which not only adds to the national honor but uplifts a nation and develops patriotism and courage. That is all true. But it is only fair, too, to let them know that the garments of the deity are filthy and that some of her influences debase and befoul a people.
    Rebecca Harding Davis (1831–1910)

    For even satire is a form of sympathy. It is the way our sympathy flows and recoils that really determines our lives. And here lies the vast importance of the novel, properly handled. It can inform and lead into new places our sympathy away in recoil from things gone dead. Therefore the novel, properly handled, can reveal the most secret places of life: for it is the passional secret places of life, above all, that the tide of sensitive awareness needs to ebb and flow, cleansing and freshening.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)