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List Of Avengers Members - Heroic Age Recruits (2010–2011)
... Characters who have officially joined the Avengers after the events of Dark Reign and Siege ... in Notes Captain America James Buchanan Barnes Avengers vol. 4 #1 (May 2010) Originally joined the New Avengers in New Avengers (vol.1) #48 (January 2009) ...
Civil War (comics) - Plot - Finale
... The Secret Avengers and their allies reach the prison via Riker's Island penitentiary, where they are met by Iron Man and the pro-registration forces, as well as a number of supervillains who were being controlled ... led an army of Atlanteans to assist the Secret Avengers ... Two weeks later, the Fifty State Initiative is launched and the Mighty Avengers assemble as a team ...
Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady) - Powers and Abilities
... During his appearances in Avengers the Initiative, Eric's helmet seemed to become more of a close-fitting piece of fabric, as it moulded itself to his facial expressions, and could even be peeled ... When he joined the Secret Avengers, his costume was redesigned to resemble the original Ant-Man armor ... he appears to have shaved them off by the time he joined the Thunderbolts and Secret Avengers ...
Marc Spector - Fictional Character Biography - Secret Avengers
... Moon Knight became a featured member of Secret Avengers, beginning in May 2010 ... He remained with the Secret Avengers until the line-up was reshuffled by Hawkeye ...

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