Saver may refer to:

  • Saver (Manhwa), a Korean manhwa by Eun-Young Lee
  • Savers, Inc., a privately held for-profit thrift store chain
  • Saver return, a type of train ticket in the United Kingdom
  • Digimon Savers

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Screensaver Creator
... Creator is a Flash screen saver creating software which takes a Flash Projector file and turns it into a screen saver ... users the possibility to do customization on most parameters of the screen saver ... suite of different programs, all in one which produce and package a screen saver so it's ready for distribution ...
Deadbeat Hero - Bonus Features
... provides the music for the DVD menus and the "Screen Saver" "Screen Saver" (listed as "Greetings from Banjo Randy") shows a video of McCleary performing ... static making the term "screen saver" highly inaccurate ...
Super Saver Foods - History - Albertsons Version
... in Southern California, and would be calling it Super Saver ... A few Albertsons Stores converted to Super Saver, as well as a Max Foods location near the Mexico border in San Ysidro ... performing former Albertsons stores and the name used on the store would be Super Saver ...
Super Saver Liquors
... Super Saver Liquors, aka Super Saver Wines Spirits is a liquor store franchise that sells wine, beer, liquors and liqueur ... The Super Saver chain has a large selection of fine wines and offers discount prices on beer and liquor ...
Pizza Saver - History
... A pizza saver is made of plastic and has three (sometimes four) legs ... They are often white, and the common practice is to place one pizza saver in the center of the pizza before the box lid is closed for delivery ... The pizza saver is not re-used and is typically discarded by the patron, although some people have found secondary uses for them such as egg holders when turned upside down ...