Running Mate

A running mate is a person running together with another person on a joint ticket during an election. The term is most often used in reference to the person in the subordinate position (such as the Vice President running with a presidential candidate) but can also properly be used when referring to both candidates, such as "Michael Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen were running mates in 1988".

The term is usually used in the United States, in reference to a prospective Vice President. In some states, candidates for lieutenant governor run on a ticket with gubernatorial candidates, and are also known as running mates.

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Running Mate - In United States Politics
... In the United States, "running mate" refers to a candidate for vice president (federal) or, in those states where the governor and lieutenant governor are elected together, to ... Historically, running mates were chosen by political parties in consultation with the principal candidate (i.e ... the person running for president or governor) ...
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... candidates, 2008 and Sarah Palin McCain began a search for a running mate to join the Republican ticket after clinching the Republican nomination ... get-togethers intended to assess personal chemistry for possible running mate selection ... McCain then announced plans to reveal his running mate the day following the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention, and just a few days before the start of the Republican National Convention ...

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