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Ardre Image Stones - Description - Ardre III
... on one of the two sides of the Ardre III runestone, which is listed in Rundata as Gotland Runic Inscription 113, consists of twin figure eight serpents ... The runic text, which is signed by a runemaster with the normalized name of Likraiv, indicates that it was raised as a memorial with different sponsors for the inscriptions on each side of the stone ...
Lingsberg Runestones - U 241
... The inscription consists of runic text carved on an intertwined serpent that is under a cross ... The runic text mentions Húskarl and Sveinn like U 241, except for Holmfríðr, and it adds Halfdan's father Ulfríkr, who had taken two danegelds in England ... As noted above, the runic text of U 240 and U 241 were intended to be read together to form a unified message, with the text on U 241 beginning with the Old ...

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