Rouge is the French word for "red" and may refer to:

  • Rouge (cosmetics), a cosmetic used to color the cheeks and emphasize the cheekbones
  • Rouge (film), a 1987 Hong Kong film
  • Rouge (film journal), an online film journal
  • Rouge (football) or single, a score of one point in Canadian football
  • ROUGE (metric), an evaluation metric used in natural language processing
  • Rouge (newspaper), a weekly newspaper published by the Revolutionary Communist League in France
  • Rouge (pop group), a Brazilian girl band
  • Rouge (TV series), an MTV series about an Asian girl band
  • Rouge, Toronto, neighbourhood in Toronto
  • Rouge de l'Ouest, a breed of sheep
  • The Rouge or Ford River Rouge Complex, a Ford factory in Michigan, USA
  • Rouge (wrestler), Mexican professional wrestler

In fictional characters:

  • Rouge (Power Stone), a character in Power Stone media
  • Rouge (Ranma½), a character in Ranma ½ media
  • Rouge the Bat, a character in Sonic the Hedgehog media

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... Khmer term meaning "keeper of the peace", was the Special Branch of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia ... It was part of the Khmer Rouge organizational structure well before April 17, 1975 when the Khmer Rouge took control over Cambodia ... As early as 1971, the Khmer Rouge established the Special Zone outside of Phnom Penh under the direction of Vorn Vet and Son Sen ...
Belgian Marble
... Some important Belgian marbles are Rouge Belge including Rouge de Rance and Rouge Royal ...
Rouge De L'Ouest
... The Rouge de l'Ouest (also known as Tête rouge du Maine) is breed of domestic sheep originating in France ... The Rouge was originally a dairy sheep breed used to produce Camembert cheese, but is now primarily raised for meat ... Particularly, Rouge rams are used as sires for market lambs ...

Famous quotes containing the word rouge:

    With the old kindness, the old distinguished grace,
    She lies, her lovely piteous head amid dull red hair
    Propped upon pillows, rouge on the pallor of her face.
    She would not have us sad because she is lying there,
    And when she meets our gaze her eyes are laughter-lit,
    Her speech a wicked tale that we may vie with her....
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)