• (noun): A socialist who advocates communism.
    Synonyms: commie
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Some articles on communists, communist:

Zanzibar Revolution - Foreign Reaction
... Western intelligence agencies believed that the revolution had been organised by communists supplied with weapons by the Warsaw Pact countries ... Affairs and Abdullah Kassim Hanga as Prime Minister, both known leftists with possible communist ties ... Powers that Zanzibar was aligning itself closely with the communist bloc ...
Index Of Albania-related Articles - C
... Albania) Cinema of Albania Cominform Communications in Albania Communist and post-Communist Albania Communist Party of Albania (1991) Communist Party of Albania 8 November Congress of Lushnjë Countess Geraldine ...
Vladimir Bukovsky - In The United Kingdom
... a tough stand of Western liberalism against Communist abuses ... he cofounded and was elected president of the international anti-Communist organization Resistance International (Интернационал сопротивления) ... and democracy movements seeking to overturn communism, organizing protests in the communist countries and opposing western financial assistance for the communist ...
Urban Planning In Communist Countries
... Urban planning in communist countries was subject to the ideological constraints of the system ... Except for the Soviet Union where the communist regime started in 1917, in Eastern Europe communist governments took power after World War II ... imposed by force by the Soviet Union, the various communist regimes followed a generally similar approach, even if there are differences in the specific of urban ...
Viktor Abakumov - Early Life and Career
... He then joined the Communist Youth League, became a candidate member of the Communist Party in 1930, and worked in the People's Commissariat of Supplies until 1932, while also being ...

More definitions of "communist":

  • (noun): A member of the communist party.
  • (adj): Relating to or marked by communism.
    Example: "Communist Party"; "communist governments"
    Synonyms: communistic

Famous quotes containing the word communist:

    In communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticize after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, shepherd or critic.
    Karl Marx (1818–1883)

    Busy people begrudge the days being short.
    I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion, and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.
    Stanley Kubrick (b. 1928)

    In a higher phase of communist society ... only then can the narrow horizon of bourgeois right be fully left behind and society inscribe on its banners: from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.
    Karl Marx (1818–1883)