Rotunda or The Rotunda may refer to:

  • Rotunda (architecture), any building with a circular ground plan, often covered by a dome
  • Rotunda (script), a specific medieval blackletter script
  • Pentagonal rotunda, a polyhedron formed from half an icosidodecahedron


  • Czech Republic:
    • The Ducal Rotunda of the Virgin Mary and St Catherine in Znojmo, Czech Republic
  • Greece:
    • Rotunda of St. George, built as the "Tomb of Galerius" in Thessaloniki in 306 AD
  • Ireland:
    • Rotunda Hospital, built as the "New Lying-In Hospital" in 1757 in Dublin, Ireland
  • Moldova:
    • Rotunda, Edineţ, a commune in Edineţ District, Moldova
  • Romania:
    • Rotunda, Olt, a commune in Olt County, Romania
    • Rotunda, a village in Corbeni Commune, Argeş County, Romania
    • Rotunda, a village in Buza Commune, Cluj County, Romania
    • Rotunda, a village in Doljeşti Commune, Neamţ County, Romania
    • Rotunda, a village administered by Liteni town, Suceava County, Romania
  • UK:
    • The Rotunda (Woolwich), a John Nash building in Woolwich, London, UK, affiliated to Firepower, the Royal Artillery museum
    • The Rotunda at Ranelagh Gardens, London, a now demolished but once fashionable social meeting place and function room
    • Rotunda (Birmingham), opened as "The Rotunda" in 1965
    • Rotunda Museum, museum of geology in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England.
  • USA:
    • The Rotunda (University of Virginia)
    • The Rotunda (Hermann, Missouri), listed on the NRHP in Missouri
    • The D'Alemberte Rotunda Florida State University, a structural and architectural pedagogue that is part of FSU's College of Law and center of its Village Green
    • United States Capitol rotunda, in Washington, D.C.
    • The Rotunda (Baltimore), a mall located near Johns Hopkins University
    • Rotunda, A brand name for service tools and equipment used at Ford Motor Company dealerships


  • Ronald Rotunda
  • Mike Rotunda
  • Kyndra Rotunda
  • Windham Rotunda

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