Ronny is a given name, It may refer to:

  • Ronny Abraham
  • Ronny Ackermann
  • Ronny Heberson Furtado de Araújo Brazilian footballer and world record holder of the fastest/most powerful shot in football.
  • Ronny Ray (born 1954), American track and field athlete
  • Ronny Turiaf
  • Ronny, a 1980s French singer

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Ronny Heberson Furtado De Araújo - Football Career - Early Years / Sporting
... Ronny began his career at Brazilian club Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, playing for three seasons ... Since joining Sporting, Ronny struggled to gain first-choice status in 2006–07 he battled with internationals Marco Caneira and Rodrigo Tello, finishing with 12 league appearances, although he ... In 2007–08 Ronny began the season as starter but, with the arrival on loan from A.C ...
Ronny Heberson Furtado De Araújo
... Ronny Heberson Furtado de Araújo, simply Ronny (born 11 May 1986 in Fortaleza), is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Hertha BSC in Germany, as a left defender or left midfielder ...
List Of East Enders Characters (2003) - Ronny Ferreira
... Ronny Ferreira, played by Ray Panthaki, is the brother of Ash (Raji James), Adi (Ameet Chana) and Kareena (Pooja Shah) ... Ronny is a DJ, and has brief relationships with Kelly Taylor (Brooke Kinsella) and Zoe Slater (Michelle Ryan) ... tissue match, Tariq reveals that he is Ronny's half-brother, and he donates a kidney to him ...
Ronny Munroe - Biography
... Ronny recorded three albums with Metal Church before the band called it quits in 2009 ... In 2010, Ronny joined up with Kurdt in his progressive rock band Presto Ballet, releasing the Invisible Places album and the follow-up EP Love What You've ... In October 2011 Ronny joined the Trans-Siberian Orchestra as a vocalist for their Fall/Winter tour ...
List Of East Enders Characters (2003) - Tariq Larousi
... Tariq Larousi, played by Nabil Elouahabi, is a friend of Ronny Ferreira (Ray Panthaki), and is disliked by Ronny's father, Dan Ferreira (Dalip Tahil) ... It transpires that Tariq is in a secret relationship with Ronny's sister Kareena Ferreira (Pooja Shah), but the Ferreira family discover this after they split up ... Ronny is stabbed by a gang while trying to protect Tariq, and needs to have a kidney transplant ...