Richard III

  • (noun): King of England from 1483 to 1485; seized the throne from his nephew Edward V who was confined to the Tower of London and murdered; his reign ended when he was defeated by Henry Tudor (later Henry VII) at the battle of Bosworth Field (1452-1485).

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Cultural Depictions Of Richard III Of England
... Richard III of England has been depicted in literature and popular culture many times ... portrayed as a villain, most famously in Shakespeare's play Richard III, but also in other literature of the period ... Richard's life was not much depicted again until the 20th century when the "Ricardian" movement sought to restore his reputation ...
List Of Shakespearean Characters (L–Z) - W
... Sir Walter Herbert is a follower of Richmond in Richard III ... The Abbott of Westminster (fict) supports Richard and the Bishop of Carlisle in Richard II ... (hist), the historical brother of Lord Stanley from Richard III, is a minor character of the Yorkist faction in Henry VI, Part 3 ...
Cultural Depictions Of Edward IV Of England - Literature
... Edward IV features as a character in The plays Henry VI, Part 2, Henry VI, Part 3, and Richard III, by William Shakespeare ... In the 1955 film Richard III, Richard directly hastens Edward's death, by informing the already ailing king that one of his brothers, George, Duke of Clarence is dead (Edwa ... historical fiction novel about the life of Richard III) We Speak No Treason, by Rosemary Hawley Jarman (a historical fiction novel about Richard III as Duke of Gloucester) The Founding, Volume 1 of The ...
Sent (novel) - Plot Summary
... Chip and Alex’s true identities are the 12-year-old King Edward V and his 10-year-old brother, Richard, the Duke of York ... He realizes that they are the princes and kings of London, that Richard III wants them dead, and that their mother has a plan for their escape ... The next morning, the group leaves the Tower and joins the coronation of Richard III ...
List Of Shakespearean Characters (L–Z) - Y
... the little Duke of York to obtain sanctuary in Richard III ... Duchess of York The Duchess of York (1) (unnamed) character in Richard II, a composite of Isabella of Castile, Duchess of York, died 1392, the mother of ... him to mourn the death of two of their sons in Richard III ...

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