Reflection Coefficient

The reflection coefficient is used in physics and electrical engineering when wave propagation in a medium containing discontinuities is considered. A reflection coefficient describes either the amplitude or the intensity of a reflected wave relative to an incident wave. The reflection coefficient is closely related to the transmission coefficient.

Different specialties have different applications for the term.

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Mismatch Loss - Calculation
... power delivered to the load is where is the magnitude of the reflection coefficient ... Note that as the reflection coefficient approaches zero, power to the load is maximized ... If the reflection coefficient is known, mismatch can be calculated by In terms of the voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) ...
Scattering Parameters - S-parameters in Amplifier Design
... amplifiers though will have some finite isolation allowing the reflection coefficient 'seen' at the input to be influenced to some extent by the load connected on the output ... amplifier is connected to an arbitrary load with a reflection coefficient of ... The actual reflection coefficient 'seen' at the input port will be given by ...
Mathematical Basis - The Normalised Impedance Smith Chart - The Variation of Complex Reflection Coefficient With Position Along The Line
... The complex voltage reflection coefficient is defined as the ratio of the reflected wave to the incident (or forward) wave ... For a uniform transmission line (in which is constant), the complex reflection coefficient of a standing wave varies according to the position on the line ... free case therefore, the expression for complex reflection coefficient becomes The phase constant may also be written as where is the wavelength within the transmission ...
Reflection Coefficient - Semipermeable Membranes
... The reflection coefficient in semipermeable membranes relates to how such a membrane can reflect solute particles from passing through ...
Waveguide - A Sketch of The Theoretical Analysis - Impedance Matching
... The reflection coefficient can be calculated using, where is the reflection coefficient (0 denotes full transmission, 1 full reflection, and 0.5 is a reflection of half the incoming voltage ... the standing wave ratio (SWR or VSWR for voltage), which is connected to the impedance ratio and reflection coefficient by, where are the minimum and maximum ...

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