Recurrence Plots

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Recurrence Plot - Detailed Description
... (1987) introduced recurrence plots, which can visualize the recurrence of states in a phase space ... phase space trajectory through a two-dimensional representation of its recurrences ... Such recurrence of a state at time i and a different time j is pictured within a two-dimensional squared matrix with black and white dots, where black dots mark a recurrence, and both axes are time axes ...
Recurrence Quantification Analysis - Background
... The recurrence quantification analysis was developed in order to quantify differently appearing recurrence plots (RPs) based on the small-scale structures therein ... Recurrence plots are tools which visualise the recurrence behaviour of the phase space trajectory of dynamical systems ... The RQA quantifies the small-scale structures of recurrence plots, which present the number and duration of the recurrences of a dynamical system ...

Famous quotes containing the words plots and/or recurrence:

    ‘O opportunity! thy guilt is great,
    ‘Tis thou that execut’st the traitor’s treason;
    Thou set’st the wolf where he the lamb may get;
    Whoever plots the sin, thou point’st the season;
    ‘Tis thou that spurn’st at right, at law, at reason;
    And in thy shady cell, where none may spy him,
    Sits Sin to seize the souls that wander by him.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    Forgetfulness is necessary to remembrance. Ideas are retained by renovation of that impression which time is always wearing away, and which new images are striving to obliterate. If useless thoughts could be expelled from the mind, all the valuable parts of our knowledge would more frequently recur, and every recurrence would reinstate them in their former place.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)