Recurrence Plot

In descriptive statistics and chaos theory, a recurrence plot (RP) is a plot showing, for a given moment in time, the times at which a phase space trajectory visits roughly the same area in the phase space. In other words, it is a graph of

showing on a horizontal axis and on a vertical axis, where is a phase space trajectory.

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Recurrence Plot - Extensions
... Multivariate extensions of recurrence plots were developed as cross recurrence plots and joint recurrence plots ... Cross recurrence plots consider the phase space trajectories of two different systems in the same phase space (Marwan Kurths 2002) The dimension of both systems must be the same, but ... Cross recurrence plots compare the simultaneous occurrences of similar states of two systems ...
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... Arrhenius plot This plot displays the logarithm of a rate (, ordinate axis) plotted against inverse temperature (, abscissa) ... Arrhenius plots are often used to analyze the effect of temperature on the rates of chemical reactions ... Bland-Altman plot In analytical chemistry and biostatistics this plot is a method of data plotting used in analysing the agreement between two different assays ...
Recurrence Quantification Analysis - RQA Measures
... The simplest measure is the recurrence rate, which is the density of recurrence points in a recurrence plot The recurrence rate corresponds with the probability that a specific state ... The next measure is the percentage of recurrence points which diagonal lines in the recurrence plot of minimal length where is the frequency distribution of the lengths of the diagonal lines ... related with the predictability of the dynamical system, because white noise has a recurrence plot with almost only single dots and very few diagonal lines, whereas a ...

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