• (adj): Of or relating to dimensions.
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Immersion (mathematics) - Classification
... in the 1940s, proving that for 2m < n+1 every map f Mm → Nn of an m-dimensional manifold to an n-dimensional manifold is homotopic to an immersion, and in fact to an embedding for ... a homotopy theory description of the regular homotopy classes of immersions of any m-dimensional manifold Mm in any n-dimensional manifold Nn ...
Two-dimensional Photoelasticity
... Photoelasticity can be applied both to three dimensional and two dimensional state of stress ... But the application of photoelasticty to the three dimensional state of stress is more involved as compared to the state of two dimensional / plane stress system ...
Reed–Muller Code - Construction
... We define in n-dimensional space the indicator vectors on subsets by together with, also in, the binary operation referred to as the wedge product (this wedge product is not to be confused with the wedge ... is a d-dimensional vector space over the field, so it is possible to write We define in n-dimensional space the following vectors with length n v0 = (1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) and where the Hi are hyperplanes in (with ...
Abstract Polytope - The Amalgamation Problem and Universal Polytopes - Local Topology
... A tessellation of an n-dimensional manifold is actually a rank n + 1 polytope ... This is in keeping with the common intuition that the Platonic solids are three dimensional, even though they can be regarded as tessellations of the two-dim ... The 11-cell and 57-cell are examples of rank 4 (that is, four-dimensional) locally projective polytopes, since their facets and vertex figures are tessellations of real projective planes ...
Units Conversion By Factor-label
... sciences and engineering are expressed as a numerical quantity and a corresponding dimensional unit for example 1000 kg/m³, 100 kPa/bar, 50 miles per hour ... Converting from one dimensional unit to another is often somewhat complex ... method, also known as the unit-factor method or dimensional analysis, is a widely used technique for performing such conversions ...

More definitions of "dimensional":

  • (adj): Having dimension--the quality or character or stature proper to a person.
    Example: "Never matures as a dimensional character; he is pasty, bland, faceless"- Norman Cousins

Famous quotes containing the word dimensional:

    I don’t see black people as victims even though we are exploited. Victims are flat, one- dimensional characters, someone rolled over by a steamroller so you have a cardboard person. We are far more resilient and more rounded than that. I will go on showing there’s more to us than our being victimized. Victims are dead.
    Kristin Hunter (b. 1931)