Radial Canals

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... yellowish-tan gonads that lie along most of the length of the four radial canals ... begins in the centre of the manubrium which communicates with the four radial canals and the ring canal ... four yellowish structures embedded in the surface of the epidermis beneath the radial canals ...
Water Vascular System - Sea Stars
... or ampulla connected to a duct termed the stone canal, which is, as its name implies, commonly lined with calcareous material ... The stone canal runs to a circular ring canal, from which radial canals run outwards along the ambulacral grooves ... Each side of the radial canals gives rise to a row of bulb-like ampullae, which are connected via lateral canals ...
... Its main parts are the madreporite, the stone canal, the ring canal, the radial canals, the lateral canals, and the tube feet ... allows entry of seawater into the stone canal, which connects to the ring canal around the mouth ... Five or more radial canals extend from the ring canal, one in each arm above the ambulacral groove ...

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    The Nymph exulting fills with shouts the sky;
    The walls, the woods, and long canals reply.
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)