Queen Elisabeth Music Competition - Past Winners - Composition


Table showing: Winner
Year 1st Work
1953 Michał Spisak Serenade voor orkest
1957 Orazio Fiume Concerto for orchestra
1960 Marcel Poot Sinfonia burlesca
1963 Léon Jongen
1982 John Weeks Five Litanies for Orchestra
1989 André Laporte Fantasia con tema reale
1991 Tristan-Patrice Challulau Ne la città dolente
1993 Piet Swerts Zodiac
1995 John Weeks Requiescat
1997 Hendrik Hofmeyr Raptus
1999 Uljas Voitto Pulkkis Tears of Ludovico
2001 / Søren Nils Eichberg Qilaatersorneq
2003 Ian Munro Piano Concerto Dreams
2005 Javier Torres Maldonado Obscuro Etiamtum Lumine
2006 Miguel Gálvez-Taroncher La luna y la muerte
2008 Cho Eun-Hwa Agens
2009 Jeon Minje Target
2011 Sakai Kenji Concerto pour violon et orchestre

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