• (verb): Increase in volume.
    Synonyms: rise
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Some articles on prove:

Prove It
... Prove It! is an educational children's TV series presented by Joe Challands and Jamie Rickers ... Regular segments include the 60 Second Prove It!, where a presenter attempts to perform a task in 60 seconds to prove it is possible, Fred's Shed where Fred Talbot shows how to use simple home ... Prove It! is an original format by GeronimoTV and was co-produced with STV Productions (then known as "SMG Productions") ...
Conway's Thrackle Conjecture - Known Bounds
... Moreover, the method used to prove this result yields for any ε>0 a finite algorithm that either improves the bound to (1 + ε)n or disproves the conjecture ... Therefore, to prove the conjecture, it would suffice to prove that graphs of this type cannot be drawn as thrackles ...
Shri Krishan Institute Of Engineering & Technology - Chairman
... I fervently believe that later on our future alumni will prove useful to the task which may be entrusted to them ... I am confident that they prove themselves to be a great asset to any organization they join and will prove worthy of having been associated with this Institute as its quality power ...
Loop Variant - Practical Considerations - Why Even Consider A Non-integer Variant?
... all practical instances where we want to prove that a program terminates, we also want to prove that it terminates in a reasonable amount of time ... It may be desirable to separately (or progressively) prove the three properties of partial correctness, termination, and running time ...
Stubbins Ffirth - Works
... He set out to prove that it was not a contagious disease, and was so sure of his theory that he began performing experiments on himself ... Endeavoring to prove that other bodily fluids yielded the same results, Ffirth progressed on from vomit, and would go on to smear his body with blood, saliva, and urine ... published his findings in his 1804 thesis A Treatise on Malignant Fever with an Attempt to Prove its Non-contagious Non-Malignant Nature ...

More definitions of "prove":

  • (verb): Prove formally; demonstrate by a mathematical, formal proof.
  • (verb): Take a trial impression of.
  • (verb): Cause to puff up with a leaven.
    Synonyms: raise, leaven
  • (verb): Obtain probate of.
    Example: "Prove a will"

Famous quotes containing the word prove:

    To prove that even wise men can be wrong.
    Cole Porter (1893–1964)

    It is the same for all men. None of us can escape this shadow of the father, even if that shadow fills us with fear, even if it has no name or face. To be worthy of that man, to prove something to that man, to exorcise the memory of that man from every corner of our life—however it affects us, the shadow of that man cannot be denied.
    Kent Nerburn (20th century)

    This fellow will but join you together as they join
    wainscot; then one of you will prove a shrunk panel, and
    like green timber warp, warp.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)