Polynomial Time

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SC (complexity)
... class of problems solvable by a deterministic Turing machine in polynomial time (class P) and polylogarithmic space (class PolyL) (that is, O((log n)k) space for some constant k) ... be called DTISP(poly, polylog), where DTISP stands for deterministic time and space ... the former, it is required that the algorithm runs both in polynomial time and polylogarithmic space while for the latter, two separate algorithms will suffice One that runs in polynomial ...
Strong Orientation - Algorithms and Complexity
... A strong orientation of a given bridgeless undirected graph may be found in linear time by performing a depth first search of the graph, orienting all edges in ... of ordered pairs of vertices that must be connected by directed paths, it is possible in polynomial time to find an orientation of G that connects all the given pairs, if such an orientation exists ... a linear number of neighbors), the number of strong orientations may be estimated by a fully polynomial-time randomized approximation scheme ...
Conjunctive Query - Formal Properties of Conjunctive Queries
... An important class of conjunctive queries that have polynomial-time combined complexity are the acyclic conjunctive queries ... The query evaluation, and thus query containment, is LOGCFL-complete and thus in polynomial time ... tree as well as unary relations for labeling the tree nodes) have polynomial time combined complexity ...
Resource Bounded Measure - Definition
... any martingale, we require the martingale to be polynomial-time computable, then we obtain a definition of p-measure a set of sequences has p-measure 0 if there is a polynomial-time computable martingale that ... that NP does not have p-measure 0, amounts to proving that no polynomial-time martingale succeeds on all of NP ...
Toda's Theorem
... was proven by Seinosuke Toda in his paper "PP is as Hard as the Polynomial-Time Hierarchy" (1991) and was given the 1998 Gödel Prize ... The theorem states that the entire polynomial hierarchy PH is contained in PPP this implies a closely related statement, that PH is contained in P#P ... is the problem of giving an answer which is correct at least half the time ...

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